Aug 31, 2013

Quick and Easy Peach Galette

I love, love peaches! It may sound weird but I love them because I love Mangoes! I think, except for the difference in their peel, they are pretty similar in many ways. The flesh are both sweet and juicy and truly yummy. So, when I can't find my favorite mangoes I am equally happy when I can bring home some peaches instead.

Aug 27, 2013

Blueberry Green Smoothie

I love Green Smoothies! I have tried it only recently (just a few months ago) and now that I have been drinking it regularly, almost on a daily basis for my breakfast....I can never seem to get enough of it. When people ask me what the taste is like, I always say, it's really just like a regular smoothie - nope, there's no bitter taste of Kale or Spinach but just a sweet-tangy flavor of the fruits and berries with a hint of nuttiness from the Flax seeds and the Peanut Butter.

Aug 24, 2013

Mango and Raspberry Upside Down Cake

Mangoes and Raspberries were on sale so I loaded up. However, time was running out and I needed to use the mangoes pretty soon or they would overripe and would taste a little funny. I didn't fancy making a smoothie and wasn't in the mood for making a Mango Pie, either. I had planned to make a mango pie for days but for some reason, I delayed and delayed and never made it....After trying some mango ice cream (custard-style), I still had two mangoes left....what to do...what to do....

Aug 22, 2013

Sweet Red Pepper and Cheese Frittata

Growing up, we always had hot breakfast. It was just the norm. We would wake up to the aroma of rice cooking in the pot and some eggs being fried or scrambled and often with some meat or fish (for my Dad) on the side.

Aug 21, 2013

Mixed Berry Frozen Yogurt

When I write a post I love to (if possible) relate it to something that I have experienced in the past, particularly my childhood. My memories, just like most Filipinos, revolve around food. Experiences are built at or around food. When families and friends get together, there's always food. In fact, our customary greeting, "Kumusta ka na? (How are you?) is often followed by, "O, kumain ka na ba?" (Have you eaten)? To say that we love food is an understatement.

Aug 17, 2013

Classic Chicken Adobo

If there is a dish that the Philippines is known for it's got to be Adobo. While the word "Adobo"  certainly has Spanish origins (the Philippines has been colonized by Spain for nearly 400 years), this particular cooking method and dish is indigenous to the Philippines.

Aug 15, 2013

Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

I never thought the day would ever come that I will be able to make my own ice cream. Granting that the concept of a Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream is not original (I can imagine so many variations on the internet!) the fact is, I made this version on my own, by hand...well, aided by the ice cream maker for churning (though I did make some of it without the ice cream maker just to see if it was possible at all to make ice cream without one). I am quite proud that I did it. Am sure my parents would be so proud, too! :-) I can now check-off the ice cream on my must-try list and can begin experimenting on many other delicious possibilities!!!

Aug 13, 2013

Piquant Spaghetti (Spaghetti Piccanti)

In the Philippines, I grew up eating food flavored with Anchovies and Shrimp paste so my taste buds love dishes that have bold flavors or piquant as they describe it - having a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavor! Whether it is green Mango, Pinakbet or Fried Pork Belly when it is flavored with Bagoong (our local name for Anchovy and/or Shrimp paste), ordinary food becomes extraordinary!

Aug 10, 2013

Chicken Afritada

Tender and delicious chicken slowly simmered in seasoned tomato sauce - CHICKEN AFRITADA! Enjoy with some rice and drizzle the sauce all over! |

Much like the other Filipino classic dishes namely Adobo, Pansit, and Menudo - the Afritada is also quite popular and is often served at birthdays, weddings and other gatherings. Much like Menudo, Mechado and Kaldereta, Afritada is highly influenced by the "estofado" or Spanish stew.

Aug 8, 2013

Berry Medley Bombe

For those who want to make ice cream but fear that they cannot make it because they don't have an ice cream maker, have no more fear the Bombe is here! The Bombe GlacĂ©e, or simply a bombe in English, is an ice cream dessert frozen in a spherical mold so as to resemble a cannonball, hence the name.

Aug 6, 2013

Travel Feature: Brussels, Belgium

Since today and until tomorrow we are continuing our Foodie Party on our Facebook page, I thought it is the best time to write another travel piece lest you be bogged down with too many recipes. Although in the food blogging world, there is no such thing as too many recipes....once in a while we do travel features and since I never got the chance to share any photos of Brussels when we were there in June, here's the chance to share a few of them. Hopefully, they will become useful someday when perhaps you decide you wish to visit Belgium. This can be a mini-guide. :-)

Aug 3, 2013

Penne with Italian Sausage and Creamy Tomato Sauce

We have been so fortunate to have a great traditional Butcher shop so near our house. I can actually walk from our house to their store. How convenient is that! Sadly, they will soon be moving to another town and we will miss them terribly. Thankfully though, we often visit this town and so we can continue to get our favorite meat combos from their shop and still enjoy cooking with them. We just need to buy in bulk and have our cooler ready for the long haul. :-)
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