Dec 31, 2015

Top 15 Recipes of 2015

A round-up of our most popular, most pinned and most viewed recipes of 2015! A variety of tried and tested, sweet and savory dishes that the whole family can enjoy throughout the years to come! |

In a few minutes we are about to welcome 2016!!! Before the year officially ends, I just want to thank all of our loyal readers and followers for supporting us throughout the year! It has been another wonderful year of blogging - many new and delicious recipes tried and enjoyed, many wonderful bloggers met and certainly many awesome readers and followers we got acquainted with. It is such a blessing to be able do something I really enjoy - cooking - and being able to share them with all of you is a major bonus! Again, thank you very much and wishing you all a 2016 full of blessings and happy memories!

Dec 30, 2015

Apple Cheesecake Pie with Caramel Sauce

This easy and luscious fruity dessert combines the flavors of Apple Pie and Cheesecake so you can enjoy both! Make it ahead for fuss-free entertaining. Drizzle some caramel sauce on top for extra yum! |

I can't believe it's just a couple more days and 2015 is over! In some ways I am quite excited to welcome the new year as globally speaking 2015 has been quite chaotic and really challenging for so many. That is not to say there weren't many good things that happened in the past year. In fact, my habit as the year ends is always to make a list of the many things I can truly be thankful for. I can only do that if I go through the year month by month and look at the past and see how the Lord has truly blessed us. If often surprises me and in the end I often have to admit that indeed while the year past may not be perfect (it never will be!) it definitely is good and always has been good by God's grace.

Dec 24, 2015

17 Delicious Cranberry Recipes

A collection of our tried and tested, delicious family favorite cranberry recipes. One stop shop for all your cranberry cravings!|

It's Christmas Eve today and things are just getting busy and exciting. Thus, this post will be a little short on words but big and long on delicious recipes. We have gathered here 17 of our well-loved recipes that feature our favorite holiday berry - CRANBERRIES! I hope you love Cranberries as much as we do and hope you get to try some of these recipes if you haven't yet. Wishing you all dear readers and your family a most blessed Christmas season!


Dec 22, 2015

Date and Hazelnut (or Walnut) Bars (a.k.a. Food for the gods)

Known locally as "food for the gods" this is a holiday-perfect bar that's rich, buttery, nutty and totally delicious! Use walnut, pecan, hazelnut or even cashews for the nuts. Regular and gluten-free option available. |

During the holiday season in the Philippines, particularly in the cities, one sweet treat that makes its appearance in cafes and groceries all over is this delicious cookie bar with a funny name - Food for the gods. It is essentially a rich and buttery date and walnut bar. There is a debate as to how it got its name.

Dec 16, 2015

Cranberry Eggnog Espresso Chocolate Chip Cake

No need for a mixer to make this easy and delicious Cranberry Eggnog and Espresso (Chocolate) Chip Cake. The perfect dessert for Christmas and New Year. Great with your fave coffee drink, too! |

This is my 13th cranberry recipe in the blog, can you believe it? I only realized that when I counted yesterday. That really shows how much we love cranberries in this family. It's such a great ingredient to use whether for a savory or sweet dish as it imparts a tangy and fresh taste that contrasts, enhances or compliments other flavors. Of course, it is a natural holiday favorite too because of its vibrant red color which makes anything you add it to look festive and gorgeous.

Dec 9, 2015

Christmas Krispie Wreaths

Have fun with your kids this Christmas by making these quick, easy and delicious NO BAKE Christmas Rice Krispie Wreaths. Decorate these festive wreaths with sprinkles, candy canes, fruits, etc....the possibilities are endless! |

A few Christmases ago, while my kids were still quite young, we made some edible crafts that kept them occupied long enough to allow me some peace and quiet for an hour or so and also helped fill their little tummies. At that time, I wanted them not just to enjoy making something with Mommy but also have a sense of fulfillment with the work of their hands. So, we made these easy rice krispie Christmas wreaths.

Dec 5, 2015

25 Delicious No Bake Holiday Chocolate Desserts

All the chocolate deliciousness you can enjoy in this delectable collection of 25 Delicious NO BAKE Chocolate Desserts!

Who can resist a good chocolate dessert? I certainly cannot! I am such a huge chocoholic that most of the desserts I do in this blog involve chocolate especially the dark and bitter variety. Hubby totally influenced me on that as he's an even bigger chocolate fan than me. So it is just proper to make a recipe round up of nothing else but chocolate - the best NO Bake Chocolate Desserts online! After all, the Christmas season is such a busy time that you want recipes that are quick, easy, make ahead and something that involves (if possible) no oven at all! 

Dec 2, 2015

Slow Cooker Spiced Apple Cranberry Cider

A deliciously spiced fruity cider with a mix of apple and cranberry juices and made in the slow cooker for ease and convenience. Family friendly and party-perfect! 

A deliciously spiced fruity cider with a mix of apple and cranberry juices and made in the slow cooker for ease and convenience. Family friendly and party-perfect! |

While I am not an avid fan of winter at all (blame that on my tropical island upbringing!), there are certain things that I like that are associated with it. Christmas season would naturally top the list and of course, being  a food blogger, I love all the food and drink that we often enjoy only during the cold months. Like a steaming mug of hot chocolate for instance or as this post features - a deliciously spiced fruity cider.
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