Jul 29, 2015

Oriental (Asian) Coleslaw

From the time I got to taste this delicious salad many years ago during one of our church potluck dinners, I was hooked. I must admit the first time I saw this salad, I thought it looked weird. Uncooked ramen noodles on top? Really? 

Jul 21, 2015

Scrumptious Butter Cake

I usually have a few posts waiting to be published. I like to prepare ahead, when I can, so I don't panic when it's time to post a new recipe. Since we are off to Europe in less than 2 weeks I thought it's time to share this delicious and moist Butter Cake of German origin since we will be visiting Germany as part of our trip and it may help me get me into the mood. Truth is, I am panicking rather than feeling excited because there's still so much to do before we go but am also hopeful things will all get done on time! We shall see!!!

Jul 18, 2015

Lazy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Tomorrow we will have fellowship dinner at church. Apart from a main dish and salad, I included some dessert as well as part of my family's pot luck contribution. Early in the week, I decided to look for a dessert that can be prepared at least a day ahead which does not require much fuss yet still has that palate-pleasing factor.

Jul 15, 2015

Easy 2 Ingredient Lentil and Cilantro Dip

First of all, this is not a sponsored post though it feels like it and perhaps I should pitch it to Trader Joe's. :) Anyway, I do owe the recipe to the grocery store so it is but fair to give them full credit. We live fairly near a Trader Joe's store so we naturally go there for some of our grocery needs. Oftentimes, they give out food samples for the customers to try and my kids are more than happy to indulge their little tummies and try some free food!

Jul 9, 2015

Filipino Coconut Chicken Curry

The other night we had dinner over at our friend's house. A missionary visiting from France who spoke at our church last Sunday stayed with them. For his last night we decided to have dinner together, sort of a pot luck. I didn't have time to prepare a main dish as we toured him around the area during the day (though I made some French clafoutis for dessert in his honor). Hubby and I just decided to get a couple of rotisserie chicken as our contribution. 

Jul 8, 2015

Quick and Easy Peach Melba

It's already Peach season (woohoo!!!) so I thought it is just the right time to share a post about one of my favorite summer fruits - juicy and delicious peaches! While we often end up just eating the ripe, plump peaches on their own unadorned, occasionally, we use them for making delicious desserts, too. One of the easiest and quickest dessert I make with peaches is Peach Melba.

Jul 3, 2015

Red, White and Blue Yogurt Parfait

My kids absolutely love yogurt. Whenever I run out of breakfast ideas you can be certain they will suggest, "Can we have something with yogurt, please?"  For them anything with yogurt just tastes better. So we always have some yogurt stashed in the fridge for snacking or breakfast emergencies!
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