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Last summer we went to England for my parents-in-law’s 50th Wedding Anniversary, which incidentally coincided with our 10th Anniversary so we had the chance to not only celebrate with them but to go around some lovely parts of the country. Whenever we are back in the UK, I often request hubby for a quick trip to Oxford – home of my alma mater University of Oxford. I spent one year here for my masteral degree and had the most wonderful time. I always want to go back and visit whenever I get the chance. It is such a unique and beautiful city as you can see in the photo.

This time I was very excited that the two tots could join us. I have wanted them to see this glorious university town – home of some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Oxford is known as the “city of dreaming spires” in reference to the harmonious architecture of Oxford’s university buildings.

The name Oxford comes from the old term Oxanforda which literally meant a ford (shallow crossing) in the river where the cattle (Oxen) could cross safely. Watch out for these cows! I was actually so happy to see these cows just by the river and I thought this photo perfectly described Oxford!  Thankfully, they didn’t mind me taking their photos as they took their afternoon nap. 🙂

Just one of the magnificent spires in this wonderful city. I believe this one belongs to Magdalene (pronounced – maudlin) College. You would often see a similar view in postcards.

Close-up of this splendid spire.

This is my college – Wadham in Parks Road. It is one of the oldest colleges in the university (though the youngest among the oldest) – built in 1610. This was my residence while I took my studies at the Faculty of Law. It is very centrally located as it is just across the Bodleian Library – Oxford main library.

The entrance to the college.

Quite an imposing and really tall door. 

This is what you see upon entering – we have a lovely courtyard that they maintain meticulously.

This is our dining hall. The tutors and professors sit at the table at the end. Sometimes they invite a student to dine with them. That is quite special as they have some ceremony of sorts and the dinner does not end here as they move to another place and give you drinks. My tutor invited me to join them one time and it was quite an experience. (Photo is from

Perhaps the most well-known of all the colleges in Oxford – Christ Church. It is one super-rich college and has for me the most beautiful grounds. As some of you may know, Harry Potter was shot in this college – particularly – the stairways and the dining hall. This college is just so grand and you need to pay to enter it (though Oxford students go free so I took advantage of this a few times!). There’s always a queue to get in.

On the way to Christ Church coming from the River Thames. Gorgeous and lush! 

Just outside Christ Church is this cute and quaint little store – Alice’s Shop – inspired by Alice in Wonderland as its author Lewis Carrol (Charles Dodgson) taught at the college. There is actually a real girl named Alice – Alice Liddell – the daughter of the Dean at Christ Church who was a friend of Lewis Carroll. She immortalized Alice in his books.   

Bridge of Sighs at Hertford College. This is quite near Wadham, just on the other side of the road.

The Sheldonian Theatre which was built by Sir Christopher Wren (perhaps the most famous graduate of my college – Wadham) for graduation ceremony. I had my graduation here in 2001.

Sheldonian Theatre on Broad Street

Lovely and colorful buildings along Broad Street

Courtyard of the Bodleian Library. Harry Potter was also filmed here. I was actually in Wadham when they filmed this movie as I remember seeing some of the kids who were in the film (though not the main characters). Bodleian is just right across my college and I saw the film crew but little did I know what they were filming then. Disclaimer: I have not seen the movie(s). 🙂

William posing.

Sophie had to have one outside Bodleian.

This is the iconic Radcliffe Camera which is part of the Bodleian Library.

By All Souls College just beside Radcliffe Camera.

Love navigating these tiny streets and yes, am glad I still found my way to the covered market.

This was my habit when I was a student – I would go to the covered market to buy Ben’s cookies – yes, they are the world’s best cookies!!! These cookies are so well known now and some stores/branches can now be found in London.

Three prominent Protestant church leaders were memorialized in Oxford’s Martyr’s Memorial after being burned alive on Broad Street for they did not renounce their faith during the reign of Queen Mary. Apparently, they were all Cambridge educated.

Can you see the tots? At St. Johns College.

Cornmarket street is often buzzing with pedestrians. This is the shopping area.

Beautiful Tudor House at Cornmarket.

Back at the River Thames near Christ Church. So beautiful by the river.

If you ever come to Oxford during the summer, this is one thing you should never miss – punting! It is fun and I wished we had the chance to do it, perhaps next time.

Here’s us by the River Thames. It was a wonderful day, indeed!

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  1. October 19, 2013 / 5:14 pm

    Beautiful post with lovely photos – we were in Oxford for our 28th Anniversary last year (we live near Southampton so not too far to go for us).
    Lyn W

    • October 25, 2013 / 12:03 am

      Thanks, Linda! Oh, I really love Oxford and how perfect that you are so near. Thanks for your comment.

  2. October 25, 2013 / 2:02 am

    Hello! Wonderful pictures! I'm so glad you got to spend such a lovely time there. Britain is a special place 🙂 I think we met once several years ago, and then last week a mutual friend of ours told me to take a look at your blog. I look forward to trying some of your recipes! It's funny I just did a post on Oxford too, from when we were there a couple of years ago (my husband is Scottish). My blog is

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