Korean-style Sauteed Beef with Bean Sprouts and Cabbage

So quick and easy to make this Korean-style Sauteed Beef with Bean Sprouts and Cabbage is perfect for busy weeknights! You’ll love the sweet and savory flavors which make this dish so pleasing to the palate!

Easy Instant Pot Pancit Canton

Yes, you can cook pancit in the instant pot! Making it in the pressure cooker is easy and the noodles come out perfectly tender. Whether for dinner, snack or as party food, you can be sure this delicious Pancit Canton would be a huge hit!

Best Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake Recipe

Rich, buttery, and delightfully scrumptious, this sticky toffee pudding cake is one sweet treat you’ll make over and over again!  Consisting of a fluffy sponge cake filled with sweet dates and smothered in a delectable homemade toffee sauce then drizzled on top with cold cream or vanilla ice cream it is a dessert made in heaven! Easy, tried and tested recipe for perfect results every time!

Tostones with Garlic-Mayo Sauce

So addictively good, these tostones (twice-fried green plantains) are crispy-licious indeed! I love that these plantain chips are savory rather than sweet and when paired with a yummy garlic sauce, it’s the best snack ever!

Easy Instant Pot Ham and Macaroni Soup

Loaded with cubed ham, pasta and vegetables this Instant Pot Ham and Macaroni Soup is the perfect comfort food for winter. This Asian-style soup is so easy to make in the pressure cooker. Creamy and tasty soup done in no time!

Top 20 Recipes of 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR dear readers! I hope you all enjoyed the recipes we have shared in 2020. Here’s a recap of our Top 20 Recipes of 2020.

Easy Creamy Million Dollar Lasagna

Using no-boil lasagna noodles, this creamy Million Dollar Lasagna is such a breeze to make! With a combo of ground beef and Italian sausage plus herbs, in a perfectly seasoned tomato sauce with layers of creamy cheese in between, your tastebuds are in for a treat. No wonder this is my family’s favorite pasta dish!

Easy Double Chocolate Bark with Cranberries and Pistachios

With a layer of dark and white chocolate and dotted all over with red cranberries and green pistachios, this gorgeous double chocolate bark is the ultimate holiday candy! So easy to make and the taste is simply outstanding!

Lemon Pecan Snowball Cookies

These buttery and crumbly shortbread style cookies dotted with chopped pecans then rolled in powdered sugar are simply irresistible! The addition of fresh lemon flavor makes these pecan snowball cookies even more scrumptious, you can’t just have one! They are traditionally baked as holiday cookies in the United States, but they are also known as Mexican Wedding Cookies or Russian Tea Cakes.

White Chocolate Covered Oreos with Peppermint Sprinkles

For a festive, pretty and scrumptious no-bake sweet treat for the holidays, these white chocolate covered oreos with peppermint sprinkles can’t be beat! So easy and fun to make, the whole family will enjoy making these yummy cookies!

Easy Cranberry Gelatin Salad

Whether for Thanksgiving or Christmas, this delicious and easy-to-make Cranberry Gelatin Salad is a must on any holiday table. Comes together in minutes and so very simple, it is also so convenient as it can be made a day or two ahead of time. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser!