Best Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake Recipe

Rich, buttery, and delightfully scrumptious, this sticky toffee pudding cake is one sweet treat you’ll make over and over again!


– boiling water  – dates – baking soda – butter – salt – demerara

For the Sponge Cake Preheat the oven to 350F. Measure the hot freshly boiled water (straight from the kettle), pour into a large bowl and add the chopped dates. Stir and leave until lukewarm.


Generously butter a baking dish of at least 2-litre capacity (9 x13) on all surfaces and pour in the sponge batter.


For the Pudding Sauces Meanwhile, make both the sticky toffee pudding sauce and the extra sauce by heating the ingredients gently in individual pans, whisking regularly, until they briefly boil.


Pour the sticky toffee pudding sauce over the cooked pudding and place under a moderate grill or broiler just until bubbling and sticky looking, roughly 2-3 minutes.


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