How to Save Recipes and Get Amazing Deals from ZipList

Good news dear readers!!! I have recently partnered with Ziplist. That means saving your recipes is now so easy and truly convenient! This tool works not only for recipes from Manila Spoon but to all your other favorite food sites and blogs. It’s like a one-stop place where you can collate all your favorite recipes. How amazing is that?

All you need to do is make a quick sign-up with Ziplist, if you haven’t done so yet, through the RECIPE BOX on our navigation bar at the top of the site. This will take you to your own personalized recipe box where you can save all your favorite Manila Spoon recipes and other recipes from your favorite blogs or websites, too.

For convenience, in each new post that will come from Manila Spoon you will find this icon  that will allow you to save any recipe that you fancy with just one click!

This is what it looks like when you save a recipe to your own recipe box. 

But that’s not all – apart from being able to save all your recipes online on your OWN RECIPE BOX, you are also able to get fabulous GROCERY DEALS and also create your own personalized SHOPPING LIST! That is really cool!

For those of you who are always on the go, ZipList has a FREE MOBILE APP that enables you to take your shopping list, grocery deals and your favorite recipes anytime, anywhere. I love this feature!!!

If you have any more questions and want to learn more about this, feel free to check this guide on HOW IT WORKS for more information. Thank you very much and hope you all find this helpful and don’t forget to sign-up! 

Last updated on October 1st, 2019 at 03:18 pm


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