Product Review: PackIt Freezable Lunch Bags

These products were given to us as free samples and for the purpose of doing a review. All opinions are our own.

As some of you may know, we recently bought a house and moved to another area. It isn’t too far from our old residence, really just a mile away, but still it is a new place for us. That means new school for the kids as well. Thankfully, we found one near us, walking distance at that. Perfect! Now that means certain adjustments for the entire family, too. That includes, at least for me, daily preparation for the kids’ school lunch as they are required to bring their own food. That is actually great as I prefer making them to ensure they get a balanced and healthy meal.

Like any other household, early mornings can be quite chaotic especially when we find out, while preparing the kids’ lunch, that one of the ice packs is missing because it was either misplaced or left at school. That means I need to make a frantic search in the freezer to find a replacement to make sure their food doesn’t spoil. Oh yes, this has happened a few times already – the case of the missing ice packs and, sometimes, lunch boxes, too!

So when a representative of PackIt asked me to try their freezable lunch bags and give it a review, I immediately said yes. Perhaps this can be the solution to my problem with ice packs which I have collected throughout the years because they often get lost somewhere or sometimes never even make it back to the freezer which renders them totally useless for next day’s lunch.

My little girl got the cute pink Poppie PackIt lunch bag (see photo above) to try while my boy got the camouflage one. They both immediately loved the color and design.

While we have been using this lunch bags not too long ago, we are all quite happy with it so far. It is indeed the smartest and simplest way to keep both food and drinks cool for quite a long time. It’s like having a refrigerator on the go! It keeps the food fresh and chilled for up to 10 hours thanks to its freezable gel liner. When the kids returned from school one day, I checked to see if their bags were still cool and they were still partly frozen even after several hours. I was quite happy to know that.

It is also very easy to use as all you need to do is store the bag in the freezer overnight. Once the bag is frozen, food that you place inside stay cool all day without the need for extra ice packs!! Yay, no more ice packs! That is a winner for me!

It also folds well which makes it compact for storage in the freezer. We also love that it has enough space to accommodate everything we want to place inside the bag.

We placed all of these inside the PackIt bag and there was still enough room so space wasn’t an issue at all for us. Even when the bags were frozen, they didn’t feel bulky and I didn’t hear my kids complaining that it was heavy so that’s a win for me!

So, overall we are quite satisfied with the PackIt Lunch Bags and highly recommend it. You can be sure, Mom will also find ways to use them too when she needs freezable bags for either grocery shopping or perhaps for a picnic! Glad that it can also be multi-purpose that way.

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  1. Samantha
    May 20, 2018 / 1:12 am

    Hi, may I know where do I purchase the PackIt lunchbag?

    • abigail
      May 20, 2018 / 7:55 pm

      You can google it and buy it online. Amazon has it, too.

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