Travel Feature: Long Island, New York

We’re on holiday this week so I won’t be able to do a regular post so I am sharing a travel feature. We have done many travel features from all over the world previously but because of the pandemic, we are featuring a place a bit more regional/local for us because we could not travel abroad.



As you probably already know, we live in CT. We’re only about 78 miles away from New York City so we often visit. But we haven’t been much in Long Island at all, perhaps a few times but always fleeting and merely passing through.

So, this time we thought we’d go back to Long Island, finally visit the Hamptons and explore a little there. Here are some photos of our short but sweet stay in the area.


Loads of white sand beaches for us to explore!



First stop at the Hamptons is Sag Harbor!


There weren’t many people around so it seemed quiet. Still, we had a lovely stroll checking out the shops.


If you ever go to Sag Harbor, you got to check out this donut place as the donuts are luscious and the best I’ve ever tried! The maple salt donut was to die for!


My little darling!


This house/store was so charming we had to take a photo out front!



Not sure you can find anything at the Hamptons with such a price! 



We can dream, right? 



This is what greets you as you enter Kirk Beach the main public beach in Montauk which is wonderfully wide and beautiful!


Glad to see we had some lifeguards watching us!


Social distancing in effect on our portion of the beach!



My boy was already tired and just wanted to rest under the sun!


So fun to watch the little ones aspiring to be the future’s professional surfers, perhaps?


The busier part of the beach. 



Seagulls galore!





Such a lovely spot to take a selfie!



Sun, sun, sun – I love the sun!


Sand, sand, lovely white sand!


My boy loves the water! It was actually pretty warm!


It was low tide so it was a bit hard to find a deep place to swim and they were quite far already!


Will definitely return next year —- after all it’s not too far from us and it’s so lovely in summer!


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