Belgian Iced Coffee Cream (Café Liegeois)

Espresso, chocolate, and ice cream in one dessert – need I say more? Just 5 minutes or less to make this yummy Belgian Iced Coffee Cream! A refreshing and delicious summer dessert!


- Vanilla Ice Cream - Espresso - Heavy Whipping Cream - Chocolate Sauce

Chill 4 small glasses or bowls in the freezer while readying the other ingredients.


Divide the ice cream (2 scoops each) into the 4 glasses or bowls.


Pour over equal amounts of espresso on each bowl. Follow it with the chocolate sauce and the heavy cream, evenly dividing the cream and chocolate sauce among the bowls.


Mix by hand or use an immersion blender. If it looks quite soft, simply place in the freezer for 10 minutes or so to harden a little or you can enjoy it right away!


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