Raspberry and Banana Green Smoothie

I have mentioned in a previous post that I have been doing a Detox Diet and I have used Dr. Oz. Three-Day Detox Cleanse. I finished the strict 3-Day Detox last week and while it was really tough, am glad I survived. This week I am continuing it but not as strictly as the first time. What I would do is replace 1 or 2 meals with the Smoothie and then continue as usual.
I have decided to use the Smoothie as a meal replacement for the morning meal. I love this particular Breakfast Smoothie so it was not a difficult choice. Honestly, with the Bananas and Raspberries you won’t even think there’s some Spinach in there (except that the flecks of green will be visible) that’s why I add more than what is recommended in the original recipe – at least half a cup or about three handfuls – however that much is. It still tastes so wonderful and am so happy I am able to drink my Greens and not actually have to taste or chew them! How’s that for convenience? The Smoothie will look slightly darker when you do so but you’ll still be rewarded with a yummy taste and the satisfaction that you ate/drank something healthy today! So I highly recommend that you try this Raspberry and Banana Green Smoothie and be amazed at how something so healthy can be so delicious! 


I note below how I adjust the original recipe to suit my taste so feel free to tweak it too! 🙂

1 cup Water
1 Tablespoon Ground Flax Seed
1 Cup Raspberries, fresh or frozen (may be replaced with Strawberries)
1 Ripe Banana
1/4 Cup Spinach (I used as much as 1/2 to 1 cup and I use frozen, too)
1Tablespoon Almond Butter (or Peanut Butter)
2 Teaspoon Lemon Juice (I use the juice of Half a Lemon)


Place all the ingredients in a blender. Process until smooth. Serve and drink
immediately. Enjoy!

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