6 Delicious Sweet Green Tea (Matcha) Recipes To Try

Do you love matcha green tea? If you do, you’re in for a treat! Here are six delicious sweet treats using matcha green tea not only to add that pretty green hue but also for a yummy twist!

Ever since I’ve had matcha green tea, I’ve been obsessed with it! I first tasted this yummy tea about 10 years ago, I believe in a mall in Michigan that gave us a sample to try. After that, I’ve been hooked and have always bought a can of this eye-catching powdery bright green-colored tea. I have used the tea to make a tasty hot beverage but to be honest, more often than not, I have used it to make a variety of desserts including a few cakes and even some yummy brownies! The brownies were actually inspired by such delectable green tea brownies that I tasted on one of our trips to Thailand. I couldn’t forget how delicious they were and I told hubby then that I would someday make this and I certainly did. To date, these green tea cream cheese brownies are one of my favorites. Not only do these brownies look stunning, but they also are such a delightful treat to your tastebuds.

But don’t simply rely on my word, make it and you’ll see. In addition, the white chocolate green tea cheesecake is also a must-make! It’s unlike any other cheesecake and is totally divine. Perfect for your holiday table!

If you wish to print any of the recipes below, simply click on the link under each image. Have fun making these yummy treats!

Green Tea Cream Cheese Brownies


Green Tea White Chocolate Cheesecake


Green Tea Yogurt Cake


Green Tea Chocolate Muffins


Amazing Green Tea Cake


Green Tea Drizzle Cake

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