Food Trip 2018: Singapore

Hello! Greetings from Singapore! My sister and I are here right now. Since I will be gone for the whole month of April traveling around South East Asia, my usual food recipes would be replaced with some travel posts as we also do a bit of travel feature in this blog. For this post, we concentrate on Singapore and the many delightful food, places and things it has to offer. Enjoy!!

It’s all about hawker food and places and Singapore and I love that not only were the food amazing but they were relatively cheap and very accessible to everyone’s budget. Here’s a sample of what a hawker place looks like in Singapore. There are many places like this all over.

Below the photos were taken at the Gardens by the Bay at night. The super trees look amazing when all lighted up! Will update post with more photos. Enjoy in the meantime.

Last updated on September 30th, 2019 at 03:24 pm


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