Sweet Potato and Ginger Soup (Yummy Recipe to help cure the Flu)

So my dear hubby has the flu…..I feel so sorry for him. I don’t like it when he is unwell as it not only makes me sad, I don’t like to see him suffer and look sick. But this is one of the hazards of winter that cannot always be prevented.

Being the resourceful person that he is, hubby researched for a more natural remedy to help cure the flu or at least hasten his recovery. He showed me this cooking video from a nutritionist who suggested that this is a wonderful cure for flu. I was skeptical but indulged my honey and watched the video anyway. I was of course intrigued. I like that all the ingredients are natural and for me has the potential of something flavorful.   Sweet potato, ginger, chili pepper and mushrooms to name a few – this concoction must at least taste nice and if it helps cure the flu, even better!

Hubby says, he did feel better after having some. He felt boosted though he’s not completely recovered yet. Well, it’s only been day 1 so perhaps tomorrow and the next day and a few more cups of this yummy soup then he’ll be back to his full healthy self. At any rate, I am sharing this because I actually loved this soup, yes, I had some already – quite a thick one, almost like a puree – it’s so flavorful and I agree with the nutritionist, this is a perfect curry base! I will definitely use this recipe for a curry next time. Enjoy!


4 Garlic cloves, finely chopped
2-3 inch-ginger, finely chopped*
1 red chili pepper, with seeds*
1 large red Onion, chopped
1 large Sweet Potato, chopped
Shiitake Mushrooms (fresh – 4 oz / dry 1 oz), chopped*
Vegetable Stock or broth (32 oz)

*If you don’t want it too gingery, you can just use the 2-inch one. That’s how I measure my ginger, by it’s length and not by tablespoons.

*Hubby only got 1 hot cherry pepper so that’s all that I used but feel free to use your favorite hot pepper and adjust the heat to your taste.

*If using the dried Shiitake mushrooms, make sure to rehydrate them first. Just add them towards the end of cooking.


Please watch the short video for the full instruction on how to make this flavorful soup. Hope you all feel healthy this winter!

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