Travel Feature: Lesotho – The Mountain Kingdom (Southern Africa)

Lesotho is a small country in Africa located within South Africa. That’s amazing, isn’t it? 

Mark and I together with our son had the opportunity to live in South Africa for six months in 2007, While we were there, we tried to visit a few neighboring countries like Botswana, Namibia and Lesotho. Here are some photos we took during our trip to Lesotho, a beautiful country with magnificent landscape. Hope you enjoy them!

During our visit they didn’t seem to have a very strict border control, you just come in and out. without question. Well, perhaps they have changed now as this was a few years ago.

The Sotho Hat, a known emblem of Lesotho. That’s me and William posing with the giant hat or hut? 🙂

William trying on a Sotho hat. Isn’t he adorable? 🙂

Ladies making and selling the Sotho hat.

View of the city of Maseru, capital of Lesotho.

William and Daddy at a hotel overlooking Maseru.

Lesotho is the only independent state in the world that wholly lies above 1,000 meters (1,400 to be exact) above sea level. It truly is high up there and we weren’t sure our car would make it ’cause the roads were pretty steep but thankfully, it did!

And we were rewarded with this magnificent view!  People here don’t live in mansions but no one can beat their view!

Imagine waking up to this view everyday!

Me striking a pose.

Another gorgeous view.

The Basotho People taking a break from work.

A Basotho man.

This is their traditional outfit, summer or winter they wear this very thick Basotho coat/blanket. That blanket is a big necessity in the winter time when the mountains are covered with snow and no central heating is available.Yes, you read it right – no central heating. I can’t even imagine it. They really are tough out there!

This is winter time in Lesotho. Again, imagine – no  central heating as we know it. (Photo credit: A trip to Lesotho: The Kingdom in the Sky)

Beautiful kids! They were very sweet and friendly.

It is a very sad reality that since the country is very poor even young kids have to work.

A typical hut in Lesotho.

Cattle is everywhere in Lesotho.

Traffic in Lesotho.

The main natural resource of Lesotho is water. Because of the abundance of water in Lesotho, the Highlands Water Project was established. It was meant to provide Lesotho with some income for supplying part of South Africa with water and also to provide hydroelectric power for the country.

It is quite a sight to behold and what a view as well.

Lesotho is a very small country within a country yet one cannot discount its natural beauty. The people were friendly and wonderful. So, if you ever get the chance to visit South Africa, if you have the time, do visit Lesotho! 

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