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Last Tuesday we had a food demo at the house of Terese Burns showcasing the wonderful  Demarle bakeware. Terese is  a
distributor of Demarle products (Silpat, Flexipan and Silform
non-stick bakeware made of fiberglass and food grade silicone from
France). Here are some of the photos taking during the demo including the lovely food we made using Demarle bakeware. Since the demo ran between 11-1 pm, the food that we cooked were good for lunch/brunch. Enjoy looking!



Terese cutting up some vegetables for the tart she is going to make for us. She also gave us some valuable kitcken tips like how to properly crack an egg so as not to destroy its membranes.  I didn’t know that. It was quite an informative class. Everyone seems to be really listening well.



Love the color of the vegetables. Puff pastry, vegetables, gruyere cheese, salt and pepper and peach balsamic vinegar – what more can you ask for? We used the roul pat to roll out the puff pastry. Then we place the puff pastry on the deep flexipat.




After a few minutes the lovely tart is done and it was delicious! It was so easy to remove the tart from the flexipat. You can practically slide the tart to transfer it to a serving platter. 





I made some spinach quiche cups and brought them to show to the other ladies how easy it is to bake in a flexi-muffin pan. The quiche just came out so beautifully.




 We also baked another egg dish – Bird’s Nest – Baked Bacon and Eggs. See how easily it comes off from the flexipan. We pre-cooked the Bacon in the Deep Flexi-pat. I can’t believe that you can also use it in the microwave. Simply amazing!



Finally, the last but certainly not the least, we baked some dessert!



Isn’t this pretty? It’s a Blueberry Sour Cream Cake baked in a Sunflower Mold.

I think this is the star not so much because of the cake but because of the sunflower mold. The cake won’t be as attractive if not for the mold that it was baked in. As you can see it came out perfectly, too. It was also a breeze to remove it from the pan. No need to wait for 45 minutes to ensure that nothing remains on the bottom of the pan. You can remove the cake as soon as it’s cool enough to handle. No more fear in making lovely cakes. I love to bake cakes so this is on top of my wish list for sure.


Have we whetted your appetites yet? If you are interested to know more about Demarle Bakeware feel free to contact me through my contact information or click here to purchase some of the products that I use for my cooking and baking.  


Finally, in case you’re wondering, all the recipes of the above baked goodies are in this blog. Please refer to the side bar (archives) or the labels. And, if you like what you see and would like to receive recipe updates, feel free to join our site or like us on FaceBook.

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