Pork and Beans

When I run out of ideas for lunch or dinner (yes, that happens even to food bloggers!), this becomes a fall back dish. The reason is a little sentimental. My husband and I, though we grew up worlds apart (literally and figuratively) this was something we both had in common. We both grew up eating baked beans.

To  this day, hubby still loves to eat his favorite baked beans with his particular English brand. As for me, I contribute by adding a little more stewed meat into the mixture not only to add flavor but to make it more into a one-dish meal. My kids have been trained  to eat this and fortunately, since they love this dish – it’s not a problem convincing them to do so. How can they say no when it’s such a comforting and delicious meal! Choose your favorite side with it – a buttered toast perhaps – the British way or the Filipino way – have it with some freshly cooked rice! Either way, it’s so good!!! 🙂


For this dish, it is essential that you do the recipe on Ground Pork/Beef Sauté first.

Then choose your favorite canned beans. My husband is British so he always gets the Heinz brand ’cause it’s less sweet than the other brands and tastes more of the baked beans he used to have in England. Adjust the amount of the ground pork to the amount of baked beans you are going to use. 

Then the next steps are pretty straightforward.


Warm up the ground pork dish in a medium size deep pan.

When it has warmed up a bit, pour in the baked beans.

Stir. Heat up until it has reached the boiling point.

Transfer to a plate or bowl. Eat it for breakfast with some toast — the classic British Beans on Toast.

Also, great for lunch. Easy kiddie fuss-free meal. In case, you’re wondering, yes, it’s perfect with rice too!

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