3 Course Picnic Meal: Holland Farmer’s Market Chef Series

Every Wednesday and Saturday the Farmer’s Market in our town is open from May until the end of November. I often go here during Saturdays…

Smoked Salmon Pizza

Great for lunch or as a light dinner this truly tasty Smoked Salmon Pizza is a breeze to make! Perfect for busy days and nights!

Cavolfiore Fritto (Deep-fried Cauliflower)

When we went to Spain, in Barcelona to be precise, in 2010 hubby and I enjoyed the fried vegetables being sold at a vegetable fast…

Scrumptious Beef Skewers

So easy to put together and always comes out so tasty and moist straight from the grill! This is my family’s favorite ground beef skewers to make for summer!

Easy Thai Red Chicken Curry

My husband is on quite a restrictive diet at the moment so we try to avoid big food groups such as dairy, wheat, soy, some nuts and anything…

Cream Cheese and Cherries French Toast

Dried cherries, crunchy walnuts plus yummy cream cheese all stuffed in between layers of sweet bread then baked and served drizzled with maple syrup – this Cherries and Cream Cheese French Toast make a fantastic breakfast or brunch dish! Can be made a day ahead, too for easy-peasy prep. 

Pochero (Pork/Beef Stew with Saba/Burro Bananas)

Adding bananas to this melt-in-your-mouth tender beef or pork stew brings so much flavor and richness to this Asian classic. This Filipino Pochero (Pork/Beef Stew with Saba/Burro Bananas) is a huge family favorite and a dish you’ll make over and over again! Perfect for a weeknight meal or for a special Sunday lunch or dinner!

Raspberry and Banana Green Smoothie

Who knew, vegetables and fruits can make such a delicious beverage that’s also so good for you! Packed with nutrients and provides you a good burst of energy this Raspberry and Banana Green Smoothie is a must-make for busy mornings!

2-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Quick, easy and tasty way to make Chocolate Mousse!

Dilled Baked Cod with Lemon and Olive Oil

Simplicity is beauty – just like this. No fuss, quick and tasty recipe to make your favorite fish in the oven – Dilled Baked Cod with Lemon and Olive Oil!

Apple and Lime Green Smoothie

For when you want to go on a detox and cleansing phase, this tasty and nutrient-packed Apple and Lime Green Smoothie is a must-make!