Mango Papaya Smoothie

Deliciously refreshing and healthy tropical smoothie – Mango Papaya Smoothie!

Ice Cream Sandwich

Need I say more? To be honest, this photo leaves me speechless….. and very hungry! J Of late, when I write a post it seems that I always…

Avocado Shake or Smoothie

Velvety smooth, creamy and delicious is this healthy, gluten-free and paleo-friendly Avocado Smoothie or Shake. Make it the way you like it!

Chicken, Cashew Nuts and Red Peppers in Sweet Chili Sauce

Usually, I like to plan ahead for what will be the menu for the week. I make a list of all the ingredients that I need and then…

Mango Smoothie

Whether you call this Mango Smoothie or Mango Shake (as we do in the Philippines!), this delicious chilled beverage is the perfect refreshment for a scorching summer day!

Abby’s Chicken Curry

I maybe Asian but I was never fond of curry dishes. The Filipino cuisine is not generally spicy compared with our other Asian neighbors. But then I married my British…

Fruity Chicken Pasta Salad (aka Pinoy macaroni salad)

Ingredients 1 lb pasta  of your choice, cooked according to package directions (I used fall leaf-shaped pasta) 1 cup raisins  1 cup pineapple chunks (drained) 2 apples,…

Salmon with Tangy Dill Butter Sauce

Easy Grilled Salmon recipe with a Lemony Dill Butter Sauce that brings this dish over the top! Gluten-free and low-carb deliciousness!

Delicious Ground Beef Tacos

This is the only way we make delicious ground beef tacos! Quick and easy to make and doesn’t require long cooking yet it packs in…

Cilantro Lime Rice

A combination of citrus juices make this Cilantro Lime Rice so tasty without being too tangy – so perfectly balanced. Everyone loves this and it’s one of my oft-requested recipes! Easy to make, too!

Chicken with Tarragon Cream

Gluten-free and low-carb is this easy and really tasty chicken dish that’s perfect for any weeknight meal – CHICKEN WITH TARRAGON CREAM!