Easy Garlic Fried Rice (Sinangag)

 No need to throw left-over rice when you can make this easy, tasty and versatile garlic fried rice. Tried and tested!

Pork and Beans

When I run out of ideas for lunch or dinner (yes, that happens even to food bloggers!), this becomes a fall back dish. The reason…

Chicken, Cashew and Tarragon Stir-fry with Bacon

My mother-in-law passed on this recipe – Chicken and Tarragon Stir-fry with Bacon – to us as my hubby loves this dish! So easy to make, quick, and SERIOUSLY DELISH, too! Just serve it with rice but it’s low-carb and gluten-free on its own. Perfect for busy weeknight dinners as it takes no time to make.

Salmon on a bed of Caramelized Onions

This super easy Salmon on a bed of Caramelized Onions is so delicious that even kids love it! The caramelized onions are sweet and add so much flavor to the fish.

Easy & Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Indulge in the delightful simplicity of our easy and creamy mushroom sauce recipe. Made with earthy mini-Bella mushrooms, rich cream, white wine, and a hint of optional nutmeg, this versatile sauce elevates a variety of dishes. Whether drizzled over succulent steaks, pasta, roasted vegetables, or grilled chicken, it’s a perfect companion for gourmet dining at home.

Chicken Breasts in Paprika Sauce

Wow your guests by making this delicious and easy dish – Chicken Breasts in Paprika Sauce.  Perfect for weeknight dinner and elegant enough for a special dinner! The chicken comes out so moist and the yummy sauce adds so much flavor!

How to Make Velouté Sauce

Such an easy and tasty way to make gravy (veloute sauce) for your poultry, seafood or other meat dishes. This delicious gravy may also be used as the base for other sauces making it a versatile all around sauce.

Filipino-style Tuna Omelette

One of my favorite easy dishes to make especially when in a hurry – super tasty Tuna omelette! Quick to make and perfect with rice!

Arroz a la Cubana (Cuban Style Rice)

This Filipino-style Arroz a la Cubana is a delicious and easy dish that comes together very quickly and is always a great option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Very versatile dish indeed!

Chocolate Banana Muffin

Yum is the word to describe this moist and chocolatey muffin. Chocolate melts in your mouth as you bite into the muffin….mmmmm…. I suggest eating it warm for the full melt-in-your mouth effect.

Tortang Talong (Stuffed Eggplant Omelette)

So flavorful and filling, this Stuffed Eggplant Omelette (Tortang Talong) is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Use ground pork or beef to make the tasty meat filling.