Food Tastings: A Pizza and Pasta Class by Food Magazine


Hundreds of foodie and kitchen savvy people learned new easy and simple pizza and pasta recipes from experts during the first leg of free cooking classes offered by Food magazine for its 20th anniversary titled, “Food Tastings: A Pizza and Pasta Class.”

Deliciously Green Recipes to Welcome Spring

While it is true that the cold wintry weather still continues to linger, at least it's technically spring time already! That's enough to make me excited about the forthcoming warmer temperature which should bring about a sea of green all over the place.

Raisin Corn Muffins

We're back in Michigan this weekend. A friend of ours got married this Saturday and we came to attend their wedding. As you can imagine, we had such a lovely time. It was great not only to be able to join our friends in their momentous occasion but it was also such a joy to see many familiar faces and hear familiar voices. I won't forget what my 9 year old boy said when the plane touched down in Grand Rapids, "It's great to be back in the place I was born." Sounds strange and funny when it comes from a little boy but the sentiment is not just true to him but certainly for all of us. Because both our kids were born here, it will certainly be our home to come to wherever we may end up in the future.

Irish Soda Bread

I have often been intimidated by yeast breads so more often than not I make cakes or quick breads instead. I feel like I can tackle the latter with more ease and confidence. I know I need to overcome this fear and attempt to make even an ordinary loaf soon - definitely before summer comes as it would be intolerable to turn the oven on during the warmer months. 

Pineapple Praline Bread

The Philippines is well known for its Pineapple. We have hectares and hectares of plantations of this juicy, sweet-tangy fruit in the southern part of the country. I remember the first time my husband Mark came to our country over a decade ago. He tasted some pineapples and declared that it was the tastiest pineapple slices he's ever had. I didn't really care much for what he said then as pineapples were no big deal in our country, almost something we take for granted as it's quite common and ordinary.

Cauliflower and Cheese Soup

Winter days call for delicious soup! I love Broccoli and Cheese soup - that's what I always order when I go to Panera Bread (free plug!). However, I have never tried a cheesy cauliflower soup version. I bought a good-size cauliflower from the grocery the other day and decided to make soup out of it. I needed a delicious bowl of soup for some comfort eating as well since hubby is away on a conference in California for a few days.

Food Magazine's Food Tastings Series (Free Pizza and Pasta Class)


ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.’s Food magazine takes the food trip up a notch as it serves fun-filled cooking classes for foodies and kitchen savvy people for free on its 20th anniversary throughout the year. Loyal  readers  are  in  for  a  treat  as  four  cooking  classes  titled  “Food  Tastings”  will  be presented  by  Food  magazine  and  Lifestyle  Network.
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